Mass Intentions

To offer your intentions, please call the parish office. Click here for more info.

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Mass intentions for the month of January

Regular and secondary mass intentions
Date Time Offered for Requested by
01 11:00 Layla et Philippe Bedros La famille
01 11:00 Mario Iannuzzi His wife Rosie
02 09:00 Duncan DeSouza His family
02 10:45 Claudette Vachon Claude Vachon
02 12:30 Rodolfo Contrevida His sisters
03 09:00 Mattieu Lapensée - Premier anniversaire de son décès Sa mère et ses soeurs
05 09:00 Ann Chandik Mary Arella
05 09:00 Mrs. Terry Jotkus Dumoulin Veronica Traynor
06 09:00 Jacqueline Fortin Bouffard Quête aux funérailles
06 09:00 Monique Lengyel Gerry Themens
07 09:00 Rudy D'Souza (3rd anniversary) Romada and family
07 09:00 Anne Chandik Claudia Vadacchino
08 17:00 Elizabeth Pathinather Christy Pathinather and family
09 09:00 Tadeusz Kaleta The family
09 10:45 Josephine Tabib La famille
09 12:30 Yvette Basile La famille Binette
10 09:00 Manuel Araujo Raposo Tavares Ses enfants
12 09:00 Anne Chandik Mackie and Michel De Massy
12 09:00 Francesco Colicchio Mike Arvonio
13 09:00 Francesca Napoli La famille Napoli
13 09:00 Agatha Fernandes The family
14 09:00 Marie and Peter Perera Nelun Seneviratne and family
14 09:00 Regina Aviles Baysa, mother of Elvira Clemente The Ruis family
15 17:00 Jonas Pacheco His wife Natalina Pacheco and his sons
16 09:00 Mrs. Ethel Francis Norma Rego and familly
16 10:45 Arrel Mendes Monique et Paul Robert
16 12:30 Ann Chandik Mary Arella
17 09:00 Denise Kadni Bastien Micheline et Célita
19 09:00 Anne Chandik Mary Harvan
19 09:00 Margaret Mary Stevens Donation at her funeral
20 09:00 Genoveffa D'Alesio The family
20 09:00 Edgar Comeau et Marcelle Romulus La famille
21 09:00 Clinton Seneviratne Nelun Seneviratne and family
21 09:00 Anne Chandik Mackie and Michel De Massy
22 17:00 Flora D'Silva June D'Sylva and family
23 09:00 Denis Campeau Gerry Themens
23 10:45 Pour le respect de ceux qui nous sont confiés Monique Lemieux
23 12:30 For the Community & Intentions of parishioners Fr. Bertrand Montpetit
24 09:00 Joseph A. Szabo His loving family
26 09:00 Keith Gunter Verna D'Aguiar
26 09:00 Anne Chandik Ken and Paula
27 09:00 Les travailleurs d'Aveos --
27 09:00 Léonie Milfort et Lumène Simon La famille
28 09:00 Julius Szabo His loving family
28 09:00 Marie and Peter Perera Nelun Seneviratne and family
29 17:00 Francisco Baluyot Lydia, Laurie and Jon
30 09:00 Diane Dextras Gerry Themens
30 10:45 Pour leurs petits-enfants Monique Lemieux
30 12:30 For the Community & Intentions of parishioners Fr. Bertrand Montpetit
30 14:30 Nieves Castaneda Su hija y sus nietos
31 09:00 Maria Immacolata Olandese La Nipota Yasmina
Sanctuary Lamp
Week of Offered for Requested by
Jan 02 Josephine Tabib La famille
Jan 09 Nicolas Bibawi Hélène Bibawi
Jan 16 All blessings bestowed Leslie and Margaret Lobo
Jan 23 The souls in purgatory Leslie and Margaret Lobo
Jan 30 John Wong Wai Kee Ses amis
St. Luke's Memorial Society
Offered for Requested by
Les ȃmes du purgatoire La famille Kedowide
Lucia Vignon et les défunts de la famille Vignon La famille Kedowide
Maximilienne Salou Brun La famille Brun
Les ȃmes du purgatoire Raymond Patry
Eduardo Santayana The family
Rodolfo Cruz Mar & Rico
Anastacio Cernero Mar & Rico
Fred Traynor Veronica Traynor
Edith & Harold Dawson Veronica Traynor
Pasquale Melfi The family
Romilda Onorato The family
Sylvie Yasmina Kolos Melfi
Les parents et amis défunts des familles Habra et Sabbagh Famille Antoine Sabbagh
Les âmes délaissées du purgatoire Famille Antoine Sabbagh
Vincenzo Olandese The family
Mo Chun & Chung Tak Leung Peggy Tam

To offer your intentions, please call the parish office.

Mass intentions

The regular offering for a mass intention is set by the Diocese at $15 ($10* goes to the Parish and $5 goes to the priest). A mass card may be provided for those who request it for an additional $2. There’s a limit of one intention per priest per day. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, our priests take one intention each. That’s why there are 2 intentions on these days.  On weekends, Diocese guidelines advise that at least one mass be offered “For the Community & Intentions of the Parishioners”.

Community Mass - Tuesday 7pm

There are usually more requests for mass intentions than priests available for masses. In order to accommodate all the prayer requests, the community mass held every Tuesday at 7pm was initiated. Each week we have as many intentions as people ask to pray for them. Intentions for the sick are confined to three Tuesdays. If a parishioner should want their loved one prayed for further, they are requested to call back the Parish Office each time the third Tuesday is over. There is no charge for these intentions; however, donations of any amount are welcome*. The names for whom we pray are read during this Tuesday community mass.

Sanctuary Lamp

Individuals may request that the sanctuary lamp be lit for their intention. It will be lit for one week starting Monday. Only one intention is taken per week. The name and the intention are published in the parish newsletter and website. The suggested donation is $10*.

Memorial Society

Anyone may request to submit a name for these mass intentions. The list of these intentions is placed on the altar and the presiding priest prays for these people daily and the names are read out during mass on the second weekend of the month that the intention is registered for. The amount is set by the Diocese at $10 - $5* is for the Parish and $5 is sent to one of the missions supported by the Parish for a mission priest to offer the same intention.

*Income tax receipts are issued at the end of the year for donations totalling more than $15.