Welcoming and Communications

Gerry Themens (514) 620-2355

Initially launched as two separate Councils, we joined forces to serve our parish community with greater strength and more diversified goals.

It is our privilege to extend a welcoming hand to newcomers to our parish and to help them to integrate into our vibrant, family-type community. Providing for the needs of all parishioners is our primary goal. We are sensitive to the special needs of the physically handicapped , as well as to the needs of our youth, our seniors and our visitors. We encourage parishioners to share their gifts and talents with St. Luke’s according to their individual desires and availability.

As a communications vehicle, our goal is to keep parishioners and the community-at-large aware of all that is happening in our parish.

Our past involvements have included the launching of a Parish Directory which is distributed to all newly registered parishioners; the establishment of a data base following a talents survey; promoting our parish Mission Statement; the recent addition of an FM system for the hearing impaired; the establishment of St. Luke’s Parish web site for which we are responsible; and publicizing major events through the local press.

It is our hope that both parishioners and non-parishioners will avail themselves of the opportunity to access our weekly online parish bulletins and to keep up- to-date on coming events and parish projects, whether they are at home or abroad. Each of our eight Councils and all of the organizations and groups for which they are responsible provide detailed information about their raisons d’etre, as well as contact information, on the web site. The photo gallery adds a touch of realism (and fun!) to the rundown on special events that have taken place.  We even have our own Facebook page!

We welcome all enquiries, comments, criticism and suggestions. Please contact us at . We look forward to hearing from you.

Communications Council 

Irène Aubut (514) 620-6673
Laraine Taylor 

SECRETARY: Barbara d’Artois (514)684-1290
TRANSLATOR: Irène Aubut (514) 620-6673 

Maria Purisima

Jack Cooper

Maria Purisima

Contact: Parish office (514) 684-6488

Parish Pastoral Council
Contact: Gerry Themens 514-620-2355
North Shore Ecumenical Committee