John's Last Words

Meditation (6/17/2012): 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lord, today you speak to us about the Kingdom of God; a Kingdom whose perfection we hope one day to enjoy in our heavenly home, but which today is already in our hearts and all around us. It grows through my daily thoughts and actions; a duty performed, an act of kindness, a word of love, a moment of prayer. As your Kingdom grows in our hearts, so we extend it towards those with whom we live and work, that they too might grow in your love. I thank you for the many blessed people in my life who have sown and nourished the seed of your Kingdom in my heart.

In our liturgy we have proclaimed that the seed is the Word of God; that you are the sower, and that all who come to you will live for ever. Alleluia! This is indeed Good News - glad tidings of great joy. Everyone who loves desires to be united with the beloved. And so too with you. You desire that I be united with you on this earth, so that I may one day live in perfect union with you, the Father and the Holy Spirit, for all eternity. Lord, guide my path throughout life, I pray, until that blessed day when I will enter into perfect union with you in our Father’s Kingdom. There too I will be reunited with those precious loved ones who left this earth before me.

It is good to give thanks to you, my Lord, to proclaim your love in the morning, and your faithfulness in the watches of the night. Amen.

Meditation (6/24/2012): St. John the Baptist

Lord Jesus, we rejoice today as we celebrate the birth of your cousin John. Even before his birth, while still in the womb of his mother, John leapt for joy in your presence. At his birth his father foretold that he would become the Prophet of the Most High, called on to prepare your way. Later in his life, John was to call out to those around him: "Look, there is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world". At all times John faithfully led others to you, declaring that he was not worthy to undo the strap of your sandal. And you, Lord, recognised his faithfulness, by saying: "Of all the children born of women, there is no greater than John."

Lord, by our Baptism we too were commissioned to be your prophets, to be your witnesses to others. We became united to you, as branches to the vine, and were called on to bear fruit in your Name. We belong no longer to ourselves, but to you. We are not alone, but are united to each other in your Church - the Church which is your presence on earth. Through your Church we partake of your life-giving Spirit, and are thus equipped to carry out our mission to be your ambassadors to all around us in our daily lives.

Through the intercession of St. John may we renew today the grace of our Baptism. Like him, may we be filled with joy in your presence, and may the manner of our lives, our thoughtfulness for others, and our zeal for the Gospel, lead others to you.

Lord, you send us as a light to the nations, that your Salvation may reach to the end of the earth. Amen.