Reopening Info

In-person masses offered:

Tuesday 7pm (bilingual): No registration required
Thursday 9am (French): No registration required
Friday 9am (English): No registration required
Saturday 5pm (English): Registration required SEE BELOW
Sunday 11am (French): Registration required SEE BELOW
Sunday 2:30pm (Spanish): Registration required: please email

We are happy to hold in-person weekend masses in each language. Registration is required to attend these masses as space is limited. Please use the buttons below to register for mass. All registrations close at 11am on Saturday. All Sunday masses will continue to be live streamed.



    • In cases where people have any type of health concerns, they are exempt from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this period, as are all those over the age of 65 at all times.
    • Anyone who has been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19 must self-isolate for 14 days.
    • Must not have flu symptoms; anyone who is not feeling well must remain at home.
    • Be aware that, if you live with a vulnerable person, you risk bringing the virus home.
    • Must sign up for mass and bring ticket to the church. For families, each member is counted individually towards the total and each requires their own ticket.
    • The faithful who arrive after the church reaches capacity and without a ticket, will not be allowed to enter the church: they could be redirected to their cars.
    • Members of the same household are exempt from physical distancing measures among themselves
    • Upon entering, sanitize your hands
    • Masks are mandatory. It must cover both the mouth and nose at all times.
    • Respect the parish physical-distancing rules of 2m at all times (markers on the floor to guide)
    • Let the usher guide you to your seat
    • Respect the seating available (rows blocked off to respect distancing)
    • Touch as little as possible in the church
    • Please be sure to use the bathroom prior to arriving at church.
    • Masks must remain on for the duration of the mass.
    • The offertory basket will be available upon entering only. Online donations can also be made.
    • For the time being, there will be no choir. It is important that there be no congregational singing.
    • The sign of peace will be exchanged without physical contact.
    • For the time being, Communion will be provided in the pews.
    • Because of the risk of touching the tongue, of respiratory droplets and proximity of breath, Communion will be given in the hand.
    • Only the celebrant consumes the consecrated wine.
    • Children who have not made their First Communion will be blessed without being touched.
    • Disinfect hands again before receiving communion
    • When receiving communion, parishioners stay in their place. Masks may only be removed on one side to consume communion.
    • Parishioners may exit the church respecting social distancing. Ushers will be present to assist.
    • Avoid all social gatherings after Mass during this time.
    • Please return to your car straight away.
    • It is recommended that you have your own sanitizer to disinfect your hands once again after leaving the church.




The day of your appointment, please bring:
     - A mask
     - A lawn chair

When you arrive, please park in the designated spot in front of the patio.
If there is already a car in that spot, someone is currently having their appointment. Please park behind that car. Do not get out of your car. Once the car in front of you has left, you may advance to that spot and park.

Before getting out of your car, make sure that you are wearing your mask.
Bring your lawn chair and set it up at the reserved spot.

Please do not touch anything but your chair.
Once your appointment has ended, return to your vehicle and leave immediately.

In accordance with the requirements from Public Health, we will respect a distance of 2m, wear masks, stay outside of the church, and disinfect surfaces at all possible moments.

If you present any symptoms on the day of your appointment, please call the parish office to cancel your appointment. After 14 days, you may call again to reschedule your appointment.



To make an appointment, contact the priests directly:

  • Fr. Bertrand Montpetit: 514-683-6174 or
  • Fr. Lawrence Chinnappan: 438-998-6235 or