Program Overview

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St. Luke’s Faith Education Team wishes to partner with your family in Raising Faith Filled Children!

Children begin to grow in faith long before they begin to go to school.

Parents: You are your child’s first and most important Teacher.

Parents have the freedom and responsibility of choosing the kind of religious education they want to give to their children.

We offer catechism programs from Level 1 up to Level 6. Each level has its own particularities and is not offered in the same format. The celebration of a sacrament will be part of the child’s catechism faith filled journey.

Therefore, any child wishing to participate in any of the Sacraments of initiation (i.e., Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation) can be registered in the program as soon as he/she is 6 years’ old (upon entering Grade 1 – note that a Kindergarten book is also available.

The program focuses on:

  • Helping and supporting parents in developing the faith-life of their children
  • Presenting clear concepts of our Catholic faith and doctrine
  • Celebrating our faith through class, liturgies, and pastoral activities
  • Sharing an awareness and understanding of the Sacred Scripture and its significance on Christian living
  • Reinforcing, nurturing and strengthening Christian values
  • Preparing children for meaningful celebration of the sacraments

Registration in the catechism program has the expectation that your household and your child will participate actively and responsibly in their faith journey. For the “at home years” (1,3,4) you and your child are required to attend all the Intergenerational Pastoral activities scheduled for that level and also to complete the workbook at home. For the “At the Parish” years (2,5,6), your family fulfills the requirements of those years by attending classes for the child, parent workshops and intergenerational pastoral activities. Your child’s progress depends on fulfilling these requiremnents. Our catechism program relies on your collaboration.

Our catechism program relies on your collaboration.

The family is our first community and the most basic way in which we discover the meaning of life and the meaning of our faith.

The church believes in working in partnership with the family to bring forth a meaningful faith journey. With the help of many volunteers, we promise to bring Jesus to your children with love, faith and integrity.

Our teaching tool for catechism is Be My Disciples ( .


One of the best ways to make this faith journey meaningful is to celebrate the Mass together as a family. Mass attendance is an obligation we take on as baptized persons. When we bring our children to be baptized, we promise to raise them in the faith. Going to Mass is part of this commitment.

For that reason, parents are expected to attend Mass on Saturday or Sunday.  (Mass celebrated on Saturday after 5:00 pm is considered a "Sunday" Mass.)

Kids and Mass Attendance: 10 Ways to Make it Easier

Mass Schedule

English Masses
-- Saturday 5:00 pm
-- Sunday 9:00 am
-- Sunday 12:30pm

French Mass
-- Sunday 10:45 am

Spanish Mass
-- Sunday 2:30 pm

Children's Liturgy

All children from ages 3 to 12 are welcome to join Children's Liturgy at any time throughout the year.  Please take note that we expect all children registered in a sacramental preparation year to attend regularly.

Yearly Financial Contribution

The parish community at large financially supports the Faith Education Office. However, a yearly financial contribution is requested at registration. Your contribution is an important aspect of maintaining our current level of programs. Our costs include workbooks for your child, catechist’s manuals, supplies, resources, formation and support for our catechetical team and staff. The parish provides comfortable classrooms as well as a beautiful church that is inviting and well maintained. These contributions cover only 50% of our costs.

Contributions for 2019-2020 is $110 for the first child, $100 for the second child and $50 for subsequent children from the same family. All are welcome to participate regardless of their ability to pay. We do not wish to add undue hardship on any family. Should this contribution be difficult or if payment by installment is preferable, please contact the Faith Education Office. The conversation will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Please do not delay your registration. In order to obtain the appropriate number of books and materials in time for your children in September, we are required to make our order in early August. Therefore, although registration for all families is open throughout the summer, we are encouraging parents to register by August 15th. After this date, a $25 late fee per family will be charged to cover the additional costs of expedited shipping and processing for books and materials. Immediate registration will ensure that your child receives his/her catechism package and schedule at book pick-up.

Registration Information

On-line registration is now closed however, if you wish to register your child for our Catechism Program, please contact the Faith Education Office either by e-mail at , or by telephone at 514-684-6488, X204.