A message from our pastor, Fr. Bertrand Montpetit

St. Luke’s Parish is a large spiritual family in which we seek to really live mutual assistance, fraternal support and the faith which links us closely to our Heavenly Father. As pastor and “father” of this family, I wish to thank all those who have contributed in the past and those who currently contribute to the vibrancy of our parish, thus allowing all of us to strengthen our ties with our Heavenly Father. As you add your name to this Gallery, may you be a source of inspiration to others to become actively involved in sharing their gifts and talents so that we may become a community in which each member lives a meaningful relationship with our loving God.


The Pillars of St. Luke

As a way of acknowledging the wonderful people who are supporting or have supported the parish, the Welcoming and Communications Committee is promoting this Pillars of St. Luke's project. Anyone and everyone who is participating or has participated in Eucharistic and other parish activities, whether as an attendee, a staff member or a volunteer is invited to add his / her name, picture and info to the Gallery. Your info could include when and how you joined St. Luke's, any contributions you have made to the parish, no matter how big or small, past or present, or any interesting anecdotes or comments related to your life in the parish. Adding your picture would help put a face to a name or a name to a face. We are all Pillars helping to keep St. Luke's vibrant and alive. Sign up now!

To participate, just click on the “New entry” link and fill in the form.

  • Include a brief description of what you would like to appear on the main gallery page.
  • In the Extended description section, list any stories, comments or details of your involvement in the parish (send any supporting pictures to ).
  • For those involved in the various parish activities, click on any of the categories related to your involvement.
  • Submit your photo. Make sure you take note of your username and PIN to enable subsequent editing and cropping.
  • We also ask that you fill in your contact info so that we can keep the parish database up-to-date. Your contact info will not be published on the website.

Feel free to put in as much as you want in your form. Join in! Encourage others to participate! Be a part of St. Luke's family!

*Volunteers are needed to help promote this project, collect and enter data, help individuals enter their own data, take pictures, etc. Want to help?  Send email to . Thank you.