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Holy Eucharist Weekdays
Monday 9:00 am   French
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Thursday 9:00 am    Adoration with Reconciliation French
Friday 9:00 am    Adoration with Reconciliation English

Summer Fun with St. Luke's Flat Jesus



The original “flat” character was Flat Stanley, star of a book by Jeff Brown in which a boy has remarkable adventures after waking up one day to discover he is flattened to one half inch thick. This was the beginning of the Flat Stanley project in schools helping children with literacy and geography and from this grew the Flat Jesus project.


“And remember, I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20

As Christians, we are called to keep Christ at the centre of our lives and to spread the gospel wherever we go. This summer let us send Flat Jesus to every corner of the world. Let Flat Jesus be a reminder of Jesus’ real presence in every place we find ourselves and as a fun reminder to help others encounter God.

This project is for everyone!


You can print him yourself on stock card using this template.

You can also get your Flat Jesus at the church – pick him up on Sunday or at the Office during the week.

Get creative! Decorate Flat Jesus – what colour hair does he have? What skin tone? What colour are his garments?   How do you see Jesus?

If you have access to a laminating machine, cut out and laminate your Flat Jesus. This way when he attempts to walk on water or gets messy at dinner - he will be protected!


Take Flat Jesus with you wherever you go this summer and take plenty of pictures.

Share your pictures. Take pictures of Flat Jesus by himself or with you.

Send them to or post them on Facebook #STLFlatJesus19 or or on our St. Luke-St-Luc Facebook page.

Talk to your family and friends about what you and your Flat Jesus have experienced.

Have fun!