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  12:30 pm   English
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Tuesday 7:00 pm    Community Mass Bilingual
Wednesday 9:00 am   English
Thursday  8:20 am    Adoration with Reconciliation    French
Friday  9:00 am    Adoration with Reconciliation    English

During the next few weeks, as part of the celebration of St. Luke’s 50th anniversary, newspaper articles, documents, stories, etc. illustrating St. Luke’s evolution will be published on the home page. Parishioners who have interesting anecdotes are encouraged to share their stories by submitting them as part of their profile in the Pillars Gallery. Your stories and supporting pictures, if available, may also be submitted to . Help document St. Luke’s history!


The following article was published during the time when Fr. Bob Harris was the pastor of St. Luke's.

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Previous documents:


Chuck McCallum, who was one of the early wardens (seated on the left in this picture), had written some personal accounts of the early days of St. Luke's through a series of emails sent to Fr. Roger Martineau. As he himself admitted in his introduction, the facts may not be accurate but the stories are very interesting and thoroughly entertaining.

  • Introduction
  • Installment 1: How Dave McKee was trapped into becoming the founding Pastor and how the Pastor of the parish church on Pierrefonds Blvd. was blindsided by the diocese when St. Luke’s was created.
  • Installment 2: How we raised $50000 on a single Sunday afternoon in 1964 equivalent to $303000 today and how we won a bottle of Cognac from the (I believe) Monsigneur who was the diocese financial guru.
  • Installment 3: How we had to dissuade the Jews from burning down the Dollard city hall because they believed the politicians were persecuting the Catholics.
  • Installment 4: Why the Mounties spied on a late night warden celebration.
  • Installment 5: How we acquired a curate.
  • Installment 6: How I was organist at the very first wedding in the church even though I can’t play the organ.
  • Installment 7: How we chose the architect and why we battled over the mortar between the field stone bricks which form the walls.